"For Nepali by Nepali"

Kiev Street 148, Bishkek, 720001, Kyrgyzstan

Our Vision

NRNA Kryzystan envisions a future where Nepali diaspora worldwide is united and actively engaged in promoting the well-being and interests of their fellow Nepalese. The organization strives to create a cohesive global network that empowers Nepali individuals and communities, fostering a sense of pride and solidarity. With a clear focus on sustainable development, NRNA Kryzystan aims to leverage the knowledge, resources, and expertise of its members to drive positive change in Nepal. Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, it seeks to contribute to the nation's growth, ensuring a prosperous and inclusive society for all Nepalese people. NRNA Kryzystan's vision is rooted in the belief that by harnessing the collective potential of the Nepali diaspora, they can make a meaningful impact and shape a brighter future for their homeland.