"For Nepali by Nepali"

Kiev Street 148, Bishkek, 720001, Kyrgyzstan

Introduction of NRNA NCC, Kyrzystan

NRNA Kryzystan connects Nepali diaspora worldwide, promoting their welfare and interests. It has chapters in different countries, supporting Nepal's development through knowledge sharing, investment, and collaboration.

NRNA Kryzystan has actively undertaken a range of impactful initiatives and projects that directly benefit the Nepalese people. Through its dedicated efforts and activities, it has made a tangible difference in the lives of Nepali individuals and communities. From implementing development programs to providing support in critical areas, NRNA Kryzystan has consistently worked towards improving the well-being and livelihoods of the Nepalese population. Its endeavors have encompassed sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and social welfare, contributing to the overall progress and prosperity of Nepal. The organization's commitment to serving the interests and needs of Nepali people reflects its dedication to fostering positive change and uplifting the nation as a whole.